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Digital TV switchover

Implementation of the Government’s policy for digital switchover is well underway. Across the UK the old analogue TV signals are being switched off region by region and, by the end of 2012, all television services will be completely digital. Switchover in the Tunbridge Wells area is scheduled to start on 30 May 2012.

Digital UK, the organisation leading the UK’s switchover to digital, advises that most communal TV aerial systems will need upgrading or adapting to receive the new signals. In particular, shared aerial systems over 30 years old will almost certainly need to be replaced, shared systems aged between 10-20 years will need to be checked whereas shared systems under 10 years old should still be suitable.

Six months before the switchover to digital in each TV region, Digital UK will deliver information leaflets to all flat dwellers to raise awareness. Landlords and property managers in Kent and Sussex should therefore expect to receive enquires from tenants in winter 2011.

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