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Detailed regulations have been produced under section 20 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985.  Pembroke Property Management can carry out this consultation with all the leaseholders on behalf of the landlord.

A section 20 consultation is required before;

1. carrying out any works which cost an individual leaseholder £250 or more; or

2. entering into a long-term contract likely to cost the leaseholder £100 or more per annum.

The whole process takes 3 months. It involves serving notices on leaseholders at the following stages:

  • the pre-tender stage – notice of intention
  • the tender stage – notice of  proposals
  • the contract stage – notice of the award

During the consultation, we’ll provide the necessary information to leaseholders and deal with any issues they raise in line with the legislation.

“Since changing to Pembroke Property Management I have received a much improved management service. They have provided excellent, effective management that listens to the leaseholder.”
Brendan Duffy (July 2014)