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Developer Block Management in Tonbridge, Kent

Lyons House was an old office block owned by Tonbridge Council.  The developer purchased it and converted it into residential apartments.

The following services are contained within the building:
– The passenger lift had received a major refurbishment.
– A fire alarm and emergency lighting system were fitted in the building.
– A smoke ventilation system was installed in the development.  In the event of a fire, if smoke in the hallway is detected then a smoke ventilation system for that hallway will start. It will suction all the smoke out of the hallway and disperse it out of a vent in the roof space. There are 2 fans in the roof space which suction the smoke out of the hallways. There are also 2 cubic meters of back up batteries to support the smoke ventilation system. If the power fails, or the fire brigade has to cut the power to the building, the system still needs to function.
– CCTV, Satellite and telephones were installed.
– Solar PV panels were installed on the roof. The system feeds into the communal area electrics. The system generated £650 last year in income for the Management Company.

We worked closely with the developer during the final stages and whilst leaseholders started taking occupation.  We liaised with the new leaseholders and residents to answer any queries. It was at this stage that we were looking for Directors for the new Resident Management Company (RMC).

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Once all the properties were sold a meeting was held with all the leaseholders.  At the meeting the budget was reviewed and an explanation was provided about all about the services in the building and the costs associated with those services. The need for a suitable reserve fund was explained to leaseholders and they agreed an amount that should be allocated to the reserve fund every year.

Pembroke PM was first instructed by the developer when the units were going to market.  Once all the apartments were sold, and the freehold was transferred to the RMC, our appointed was renewed by the RMC.  We continue to manage the development behalf of the RMC.