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Bolnore Village

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Latest News….

20th November We have received confirmation that the gate at Woodcote House are to commence on the 27th November. The painting specification has been completed and we will be conducting a site visit to confirm the quality of the work for both this project and the tree works in the coming fortnight.

13th November The specification for tree works will be completed this week.  The landscape team have also begun work to clear out the Foundry Brook area, this will include cutting of tree branches and removal of the dense growth of weeds, nettles and other vegetation in this area.

Repairs Reported

Urgent (to be resolved ASAP)

<Date Raised – Description>-

High Priority (to be resolved within 2 weeks)

<Date Raised – Description>

  • 26/02 The communal side door  in Woodcote House (facing the school) has been reported as not locking. A contractor is being organised to repair mechanism.

Medium Priority (to be resolved within 1 month)

<Date Raised – Description>

  • 22/02 The gates at Woodcote House are in need of further repairs.
  • 26/02 Leaves have been cleared throughout the village green areas

Low Priority (to be resolved within 6 months)

<Date Raised – Description>

  • 08/02 The path widening to the bin store has been completed outside 43-65 Farriers Lea

Minutes from Residents meeting on Wednesday 28th June 2017 @ 7pm.

Residents Open Surgeries at the Woodside.

If residents would like to discuss any matters with your property manager please feel free to come along. The list of dates are below.

Date Minutes
Tues 28 March 2016 9am – 11am  Residents Surgery Minutes 28th March 2017
Thurs 28 April 2017 2pm – 4pm  Residents Surgery Minutes 28th April 2017
Thurs 25 May 2017 9am – 11am  Residents Surgery Minutes 25th May 2017
Thurs 29 June 2017 2pm – 4pm  Cancelled
Thurs 27 July 2017 9am – 11am  Residents Surgery Minutes 27 July 2017
Thus 31 August 2017 2pm – 4pm  Residents Surgery Minutes 31 August 2017
Thus 30 November 2017 9am – 11am

Bolnore Village Residents Newsletters

Newsletter 1 February 2017

Newsletter 2 May 2017

Newsletter 3 September 2017

Maintenance Areas

Grass and hedges outside your property are maintained by BVCIC, West Sussex council or the property owner. Click here to identify roads in Bolnore which are adopted by the council.

The map below highlights the Playgrounds and Softscapes areas in Bolnore that the Council are responsible for.

The map below identifies the areas BVCIC are responsible for. This map is interactive, click on the button on the top left of the map to change the view settings. Click on the button on the top right of the map to see it in full screen.

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