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Clifford Way

Clifford Way

Clifford Way is a modern mixed development of houses and apartments along the river Medway in Central Maidstone. Built in 2008, there are 6 architecturally pleasing blocks in total, and they are all designed differently.

The Landlord is a large freehold investor and the previous managing agent was appointed by the developer.

The property management includes the maintenance and management of the following services:

  • Fire alarm and emergency lighting.
  • 12 Automatic opening ventilation systems.
  • 10 Passenger lifts.
  • 15 Door entry systems.
  • CCTV and Communal Satellite.
  • Extensive communal gardens and car parks.

The development went through a period of very poor management with the previous managing agent. There were at least 5 property managers assigned to it over a two year period and at one stage no property manager assigned for at least 9 months. None of them were able to resolve the root issues. Residents were frustrated with the response of the Managing Agent. Some residents had submitted formal complaints to the property ombudsman and won.

When we were awarded the contract we contacted some key residents and identified the priorities  for them. They were concerned about the ever increasing service charge costs and the lack to repairs carried out. Pembroke carried out a condition survey and produced a backlog list of 150 issues.

The backlog of issues included:

  • Emergency telephones in 6 of the lifts were not working. Three of them were not working because there were no active telephone lines.
  • Several communal doors needed repairs in order to comply with fire regulations. Doors not closing properly, fire intumescent strips.
  • Door entry systems were not working. There were at least 20 issues with the door entry systems.
  • A small leak from one of the apartments into the Under croft car park which existed for over 9 months.
  • Lots of issues with lights not working or staying on all the time.

Even though we are appointed by the Landlord, we are engaging with the residents to identify their priorities and explain to them what we are doing on the development. The response from the residents has been very positive. We are collaborating to bring the development back up to the standard expected.

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