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Pet Consent

Pet Consent

As a Property Owner, where your lease stipulates that consent is required to keep a pet on the premises, please complete the online form. Please note, the fee to obtain consent is £90 + VAT and this will be charged to your Service Charge account. Please be aware, consent is not granted until you receive a Formal Letter Licence from Pembroke Property Management and if you keep a pet on the premises without consent, you will be in breach of your lease.

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    1. Please note that pet consent is not granted unless and until a formal Letter Licence is sent to you on behalf of the Landlord, having considered your application.

    2. Your Lease sets out that the Leaseholder is to pay the Landlord’s costs for dealing with any application for consent, whether or not it is granted. Our fee for dealing with an application for consent is £75 plus VAT, and this will be charged to your account in accordance with the Lease.

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