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Pembroke Property Management Customer Service Charter

Giving a 5 star service to you is at the heart of everything we do. If you are considering Pembroke as your new managing agent please take a moment to find out what we mean by our 5 star customer service. Choosing a new managing agent is such an important decision and it is not one to be taken lightly. You have to be absolutely sure that you are selecting the very best company for your property, its owners and residents.

Please read on; this is what we promise to deliver to you and your fellow Leaseholders.

  1. We begin by really understanding your needs

No two customers are the same. And you are unique! So we make it our mission to understand in detail exactly what you are looking for to ensure we really do delight you. The result is you get the management service that is perfect for your needs.

  1. You don’t have to repeat yourself when you contact us

It is frustrating isn’t it having to repeat yourself every time you call and speak to a different person?

Right from the start, you will be allocated a dedicated property manager. We want you to build a relationship with your property manager, who will know the residents and contractors and know what is happening on your development.

Each property manager is supported by an experienced team of property manager assistants and accounts personnel in the office. Our team will be happy to help you if your property manager is not immediately available. The assistant property manager taking your call would have visited your development and will be knowledgeable of the services provided.

We train our team members to ‘own each call’. But if for any reason you do have to speak to another person we’ll take your details so that you’re not spending the first few minutes of the next conversation repeating yourself. We want you to look forward to talking to our team.

  1. You’re busy. We make life easy for you

At Pembroke Property Management we have a ‘Resolve it First Time’ mantra. We’re passionate about being accurate, efficient and fast! Our ‘One Call Resolution’ is just that. We use technology to ensure that your work is dealt with as swiftly and as cost-effectively as possible, but without losing the personal touch. We aim to answer your questions or challenges within the one call.  If we cannot resolve the issue in one call then we will keep you informed of the progress.

  1. We are all here to help you

Everyone at Pembroke Property Management understands the part they have to play in delivering an outstanding customer service. We invest in customer service training and one to one mentoring for every team member. Our team is a cheerful bunch and never happier than when they’re making sure you get the help you need when you need it.

  1. If it goes wrong we make it our mission to immediately put it right

Even in the best of businesses things do occasionally go wrong. If you’re ever less than happy with our service we ask that you don’t dwell on it but please tell us immediately. Our people are trained to listen and importantly, to take action. And they’re encouraged to challenge our processes too if they could be improved. Sometimes it can be as simple as providing you with a piece of information you require. Other times we might have to do a little more to fix it. The bottom line is if you’re unhappy it makes us unhappy. Rest assured we’ll do all we can to restore your faith in us and put a smile back on your face.

Delivering what we promise

This sits at the very core of our business. If we say we’re going to do something for you then it will be done. If we know for sure that we can’t do something for you within the timescales you’re looking for, we’ll tell you too. The last thing we want is to raise your expectations only to let you down. It’s our goal to WOW you every time you contact us. We want you to be thrilled to bits that you chose Pembroke Property Management.

Why settle for anything less than the best?

Call us today on 0333 3442 100 today for a free no-obligation discussion about your property and how we can help.


“We would recommend Pembroke Property Management as efficient and responsive agents.  Our property manager arranges to meet with the leaseholders at the beginning of each year to discuss and agree the annual service charge budget and any additional maintenance work that’s required, ensuring that everyone is informed and in agreement with any developments or work to be done to the building. Pembroke Property Management have also been very helpful with the sale of our flat. The Legal Services team provided the sales pack promptly and have gone above and beyond to deal with all the buyer’s solicitor’s enquiries.” Mr Ree, Tunbridge Wells