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London Block Management Reviews

What should you look for when reviewing the Block Management service you receive in London?

If you are not happy with the way your property is being managed, and you are not being listened to, find out how you could benefit from enhanced property and customer services in London with Pembroke Property Management. Your London Block Management Reviews begin here.

There is a saying ‘all managing agents are the same’.
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Pembroke Property Management Review:

  • Our Block Management London office is situated at London Bridge. We are well placed for access to transport links to client sites throughout London.
  • Pembroke Property Management maintain desirable places to live and deliver great customer service, at a cost which is reasonable for people paying the service charges.
  • We manage medium to large scale schemes. Our managed portfolio suits our expertise and the high level of customer service we provide.
  • Our 5 Star Service Charter is at the heart of everything we do. If we say we’re going to do something for you then it will be done. If it goes wrong, we make it our mission to immediately put it right.
  • We provide a tailored service for you. We offer an enhanced client service which includes creating a Residents’ Handbook, Residents Code of Conduct, an online Bulletin Board and email alert scheme for residents who wish to receive maintenance updates. Please have a look at the quality of our service to existing clients here.
  • Security, and Health and Safety are crucial in Property Management. We prioritise maintaining communal areas which are safe and secure to allow people to have a peace of mind in their homes.

When selecting a new managing agent, you should consider the following:

  • Does their portfolio contain similar developments to yours?
  • Review their case studies and ask them about existing blocks they manage.
  • Examples of improvements carried out should be provided.
  • Do the schemes have healthy reserve funds?
  • Do they have any London Block Management Reviews they can share with you.
  • Ask the new agent how they will help with long term maintenance plans and building up reserve funds.
  • How do they deal with issues such as nuisance tenants or Airbnb short term letting issues.
  • Are they regulated by ARMA or RICS. This should be a minimum requirement.
  • Ask who will be managing your property and can you meet them. You need to be able to get on with your property manager.

London Block Management Reviews Summary

In London, block management reviews vary from agent to agent. If you like the look of a company then call them and talk to them. Tell them the problems you are experiencing and see how they respond. This is the best way of judging if you think you could work with them.

Pembroke Property Management helps many clients who have previously experienced poor service, service charges which are too expensive, and frustration with works not being carried out.

Currently managing blocks in Kensington, Chelsea, Victoria, Central London and South London areas and we are keen to help potential clients throughout London.

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