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Pembroke Property Management

Property Management In London

Pembroke specialises exclusively in Property Management in London and the South East.

Our staff are fully trained and supported to deliver our 5 star customer service charter which ensures that we stand out from other property management providers by providing a high quality service.

Dedicated point of contact

We treat each of our properties as its own project with its own approach, solutions and a dedicated point of contact. While we are often the provider of choice for new development, we are also frequently asked to take over property management when problems have arisen with a previous provider. There might be arrears or outstanding maintenance issues have caused tenants to lose confidence and switch to us. At Pembroke we are committed to ensuring that this doesn’t happen on our watch. We always complete a full initial review to identify any issues when we initially take over responsibility for property management and then talk to all our clients about our review. We then agree and implement a detailed plan to ensure that all the issues are addressed in a well-managed and effective way and ensure that good monitoring is put in place at the property going forward to ensure there are no surprises.

We aim to be with our clients for the long-haul, so we ensure we understand their requirements and desires from the outset. We continue to listen and respond quickly if things change. We know that all our clients have different needs and budgets and we tailor our services to allow you to have full control over your investment by providing forecasted maintenance figures and agreed parameters about what you are happy we sort on your behalf. Pembroke will always check with you before carrying out any maintenance tasks and the costs associated with these. Our clients are at the heart of what we do we aim to exceed their expectations at every stage.

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