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Managing Agents Named in Leases

Pembroke Property Management helps Leaseholders in London, Kent and Sussex to understand their options and take greater control of their own communities and homes.

What happens when a managing agent is named as the Management Company in the property deeds for your house or flat? How can residents have a say in how their block or estate is managed if there is no Resident Management Company?

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Legal arrangements

Whether you live in an apartment or a house, there are different legal arrangements regarding the management responsibilities. These will be set out in your property deeds.

Often they provide for a Resident Management Company (“RMC”).  This is a company created especially for the development and is joined as a party to the deeds. Each property owner becomes a shareholder (or member) of the RMC, and can be elected to the board of Directors.

The RMC can choose its own agent to manage the development on their behalf, and change managing agents at will in the future. This arrangement works well for property owners as it gives them direct and democratic control over the management of their developments.

But what happens when there is no RMC?  Sometimes a particular managing agent is named in the deeds as the Management Company.  The managing agent does not own the freehold but is written into the Leases and freehold transfers when the properties are built, and given control of all the management.

If residents are not happy with the costs or services provided by the Management Company, how can they ask them to change managing agents when they are one and the same?

There may be additional provisions in the deeds to force the withdrawal of the named managing agent and to create a newly formed RMC.  Pembroke has helped property owners in the following ways:

We help property owners to manage a smooth handover of the management functions from the outgoing agent to the new RMC.  As new managing agents, we work with residents to understand their priorities and swiftly bring about the improvements and changes required.

Pembroke offers a 5 star customer service charter to our customers. Our brand promise is to maintain desirable places to live and deliver great customer service, at a cost which is reasonable for people paying the service charges.

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