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Pembroke Property Management

Block Management companies in London

Block Management companies in London need to show how they stand out from the crowd.

Pembroke Property Management rivals leading property management companies in London. We manage desirable places to live and provide a great customer service. We deliver our management services at a price which is reasonable for those paying the service charges. Leaseholders have praised many of our RMC director clients for making the switch to appoint Pembroke

Pembroke stands out from other block Management companies in London. Read on for a list of examples.

  1. Our office location is London Bridge. This gives us access to great transport links around the city and furthermore out to Kent and Sussex.
  2. We deliver a 5 Star Customer Service Charter to our customers. Please take a moment to read it in order to find out our promise to you.
  3. We compile Resident handbooks, subletting forms and a Bulletin Board for your site and further, we tailor these to your needs. Please view some working examples of our client services on our website
  4. New clients often contact us because they are frustrated by a lack of communication with their previous property manager. Many are experiencing spiralling costs and furthermore poor quality of maintenance. They want to see change however each client has a unique set of requirements. We have set up a dedicated team to bring you on board with Pembroke and most of all to deliver our 5 star customer service. Please see some examples of our achievements by viewing our blog entitled Turning Round Poorly Managed Blocks.
  5. Our approved contractors have a lot of experience working for block management companies in London. As a result, they understand the structures and charging methods. For example, contractors break down their invoices and costs. This ensures there is sufficient detail and correct charges are applied to the correct schedule. This is important where there are multiple schedules in a development.

ARMA Regulated

The residential leaseholder sector is unregulated. As a result anyone can set up a managing agency and consequently collect service charges. Pembroke Property Management regulated by ARMA. ARMA accredited managing agents must meet the ARMA Consumer Charter & Standards. Furthermore, external auditors independently verify this on site. This set of professional standards is aimed at consumer protection in addition to best practice. This applies to all areas of Block Management and especially financial management.

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